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YouTube Fifty Deep music grant

The Flow is Forever: Meet YouTube's FIFTY DEEP Music Class

YouTube has one of the most comprehensive catalog of music in the world, including some of the most influential music videos, interviews, and performances across rap and hip hop of all time. Last August we saluted the depth and breadth of that ever growing catalog with the launch of FIFTY DEEP, a cultural campaign that celebrates Hip Hop’s evolution over the last fifty years and salutes how far we’ve come.

Today, we continue to drive this legacy forward with the announcement of the FIFTY DEEP Music Class of 2024, a multigenerational grants program that champions and provides support for Black artists, songwriters, and producers in the Hip Hop space.

The best way the culture always moves forward is we all just take the time and embrace each other... And if we are in disagreement about what's going on, a lot of times, a phone call or just trying to get at someone and explain is the way through.”

De La Soul

From the U.S. to Brazil, to the UK, Nigeria, South Africa and beyond, the FIFTY DEEP Music Class is a true global cohort that we believe are blazing a new trail for the future of music. We’re on board to support this new generation of Hip Hop from the early stages, and, in addition to grants for content creation, will unlock tools and promotional opportunities with YouTube and Google that will help them build careers. This ranges from hands-on channel support and optimization to strategic counsel on content creation and development. We’ll also create opportunities for songwriting sessions, A&R, early access to new products and features, to assist these musicians in reaching their creative heights and new fans around the world.

One of the cornerstones of Hip Hop is legacy and with legacy comes influence, evolution, collaboration and so much more. We are stoked to have UK trailblazer Bashy and the legendary De La Soul joining this year’s multigenerational class. Maseo and Pos from De La Soul recently chatted with us about the culture, what they’ve learned about the business over time and what inspires them to keep creating music today. Catch the full conversation here.

Please join us in welcoming this year's FIFTY DEEP Music Class of artists, songwriters and producers and get to know their music on YouTube now.

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CLASS OF 2024:

41 (Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, TaTa) - Brooklyn, NY

AntsLive - London, England

B Wise - Sydney, Australia

Bashy - London, England

BigXthaplug - Dallas, TX

Ceebeaats - London, England

Chief Keef - Chicago, IL

Citizen Kay - Canberra, Australia

Cristale - London, England

De La Soul - Long Island, NY

Dunnie - Lagos, Nigeria

Ebony - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Hunxho - Atlanta, GA

INK - Columbus, GA

Lay Bankz - Philadelphia, PA

Lost - Montreal, Canada

Maiya The Don - Brooklyn, NY

Nasty C - Durban, South Africa

P2J - London, England

ScarLip - Bronx, NY

Skilla Baby - Detroit, MI

Theron Thomas - St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Tiara Thomas - Los Angeles, CA

Tommy Parker - San Bernardino, CA

Turbo - Atlanta, GA

Vírus Carinhoso - Salvador, Bahia - Brazil

Yan Cloud - Salvador, Bahia - Brazil

Yuli - Los Angeles, CA

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Keep an eye out for more to come from these talents in the year ahead!