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Activity bar features on the YouTube Music homepage

YouTube Music brings personalization to your everyday moods and moments

We’re launching an activity bar that will feature common activities on the YouTube Music homepage and accompanying personalized playlists. As a part of this launch, we’ll also roll out a new set of My Mix playlists.

Whether it’s pushing you through the last five minutes of your workout or helping you unwind after a stressful day, music breathes life into your daily routine. That’s why today, we're introducing a suite of new personalized playlists and a way to navigate the YouTube Music homepage, to ensure every listener can easily enjoy the music that speaks to them.

Personalized playlists called My Mixes

More personalized playlists just for you: My Mixes 

On the Home tab, you’ll now find up to seven new and distinct personalized My Mix playlists, created just for you. Each My Mix features a diverse list of artists, with each playlist capturing a different corner of your music world. Pick your vibe and hit ‘play’ to hear hours of music that blend some of your favorite songs with new favorites, all tied together through a cohesive sonic theme. 

Bringing it all together is My Supermix (formerly known as Your Mix), which combines all of your music tastes into one eclectic listening experience. My Mixes are always updating, so you'll have a great surprise every time you open them!

Personalized music for everyday activities

Also on the Home tab, you’ll now see an activity bar that gives you easy access to music for four featured activities including: Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Starting a workout? Simply tap the Workout icon, which takes you to a dedicated personalized homepage full of playlists perfectly suited for your workout. You'll also receive up to four new personalized Workout Mixes, featuring songs you know and love, as well as other great recommendations. Feeling more mellow and looking for some tunes to match your mood? Navigate over to the Relax or Focus icons and you'll get personalized Mixes to help you keep calm and carry on. 

Whatever the mood or moment, YouTube Music has the right music for you.

If you don’t already have YouTube Music, download the YouTube Music app in the App Store.

Happy listening!