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YouTube Merch Store for all partners, now with CafePress

By Christian Weitenberner

Product Manager

We chock YouTube full of features to help turn your YouTube channel into your dream job, and there’s lots of other good folks out there who have similar goals. Last year we launched the Merch Store, teaming up with Amazon, iTunes, Topspin, Songkick and Google Play to help indie musicians on YouTube promote licensed merchandise, music downloads, and concert tickets on their channels.

Selling merch isn’t just for musicians, so starting today the Merch Store will become available to all YouTube partners in good standing around the world. We’ve also added another friend from the web for even more great merch—CafePress.

Over the next few months, you’ll see a new tab on their channel called “Store,” where you can choose your merch to showcase to fans. You’ll need to have an account with each company to list products on your channel, and clicking on the product will take you to the site where it’s for sale. Here’s what it looks like:

Store tab on a YouTube channel for indie musicians

For Merch Store inspiration check out partners like PomplamooseGeek & Sundry and DeStorm, and for more information check out our Help Center.