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YouTube Live TOKYO: All Systems Go

By The YouTube Team

Today we are pleased to announce that Japan will be hosting its own YouTube Live event on Sunday, November 23, in Tokyo, with the show available to view on the site for an audience across the globe.

After the curtain falls on YouTube Live in San Francisco, YouTube Live TOKYO feat. iQ will kick into gear, featuring a mix of the best that Japan's user community has to offer and performances from topline Asian talent, including a star turn from pop sensation BoA.

Tickets for the event are now available for users resident in Japan through the YouTube Live TOKYO channel . Attendance is limited to 2,000 and tickets will be allocated on a lottery basis – you'll need to sign up by November 7 if you want to come and enjoy the show.

Stay tuned to YouTube Live TOKYO for developments in the line-up. We've got a lot of great acts to unveil between now and the event. 

Until then: sayonara!

The YouTube Team