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YouTube Live! The Buzz Builds...

By The YouTube Team

Is Katy Perry really going to dress as a tube to sing "Hot And Cold"? Who are The League of Extraordinary Dancers, and what is their mission? Has Tay Zonday unwittingly stumbled upon the solution to The Economic Crisis? The answers to all these questions and more lie but three days away…

This coming Saturday, November 22, YouTube hosts YouTube Live – the first ever live streaming event on the site, designed to celebrate our extravagantly talented user community. In preparation for the big day, today on YouTube's home page we present a selection of videos from some of the personalities you have come to know and love – and one from Nalts:

Brilliant beatboxing, perfectly formed and Soulja Boy Tellem… all these elements are going to come together at YouTube Live, and the best part is you don't need a ticket to attend – or even to be in the country. Starting at 5PM PST/8PM EST, YouTube will bring you the entire show, streaming live as it sparks into life and builds to a thunderous climax at Fort Mason Center's Herbst Pavilion in San Francisco. Part concert, part variety show and part party, YouTube Live is like… well… it's like YouTube. Only Live. 

We hope you are as excited as we are to see all of this talent gathered in one place for your continued entertainment. Enjoy today's preview of the big day as participants announce their arrival and start to rehearse for the big event. Join us online!

Have fun,

The YouTube Team