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YouTube launches ‘Find a way #WithMe’

A look at the creative ways people are using YouTube this year

2020 is a year for the history books — one that’s left us all with an understanding that life, and whatever comes next, can truly feel uncertain. But despite that uncertainty, millions of you have taken to YouTube over the last few months to remind us all that, together, we can find our way through.  

We started the #WithMe campaign in the early days of Covid-19, to encourage folks to do things at home, together. Our first video launched in April, ‘Get by together’ came a few weeks after that, followed quickly by ‘#GraduateWithMe.’  

In our latest chapter, “Find a way #WithMe,”  we take a look at all the uniquely creative ways we are getting through 2020— not just as consumers of video, but as human beings trying to find a way together.

From learning new skills to meet new challenges...

(DIY face mask sewing tutorials have been viewed over 1 billion times since March 15*)

…to finding new ways of teaching and learning...

(In January and February 2020, just over 300 videos were uploaded to YouTube with "remote teaching" or "distance learning" in the title. In March 2020, alone, that number was over 23,000.*)

...together we’ve found new ways to laugh...  

(Tiny face makeup challenge videos have gained over 9 million views.)

…and shared creative strategies to help us cope through these times. 

(Average daily views of videos related to guided meditation increased over 40% after March 15.*)

This #WithMe chapter, based on trending content on YouTube over the past six months, recognises all the unique and creative ways you’re finding a way on YouTube. 

*Source: Views of videos related to DIY, Tutorial, and How-To with "face mask" [Global views, 3/15/20 - 9/20/20]

*Source: Views and uploads of videos with “remote teaching” or “distance learning” in the title. [Global views, 2020]

*Source: Views of videos with “tiny face” and “makeup” or “challenge” in the title. [Global views, 3/15/20 - 9/20/20]

*Source: Views of videos related to guided meditation or with "guided meditation" in the title [Global Views, 1/1/20 - 3/14/20 compared to 3/15/20 - 5/31/2020]

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