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YouTube + Google Earth

By The YouTube Team

Now you can find YouTube videos based on where they were created! Google Earth has just launched a new browseable layer which populates geo-tagged YouTube videos when you click on a location. To access this feature, go to Google Earth and head over to the new 'Featured Content' folder on the left-hand side of the page. Click the 'YouTube' button and icons pointing to videos related to that area on the map will appear. The closer you zoom in, the more videos will display; you can then watch these videos via Google Earth or YouTube. You can also search for all videos attached to a specific location or just click around on the map as you please. This works best if you download the newest version of Google Earth, so be sure to get the latest version.

You can tag your video with a location during the upload process on YouTube. Simply click the "Date and Map Options" to display the maplet, then drag the marker or use the search browser to choose a specific location. Once your location is recorded, your video will appear on Google Earth.

Geo-tagging your videos is a great way to share your experiences with your viewers – they can literally peek in on that scuba diving trip in the Pacific, see what it's like to be at the top of L'Arc de Triumph in Paris, or feel like they're right there with you in the park with your best friends.

So go forth and geo-tag, 'Tubers!

The YouTube Team