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YouTube FANalysts Kickoff

By Andrew Bangs

YouTube Sports

With football season on the horizon, we're proud to kick off YouTube FANalysts. Together with Circuit City, we've united the YouTube community’s fantasy football experts on one channel. Starting this week and continuing through the entire NFL season, our YouTube FANalysts will scour the waiver wire, dig through the depth charts and scan stat sheets to provide expert opinion and picks for fantasy football owners -- with healthy doses of color commentary and trash talk.

What is a FANalyst? Basically, add fan + fantasy + analyst = FANalyst.

Why FANalyze? Well, there are 15-18 million people playing fantasy sports in the U.S., 85% of whom play fantasy football. On any given day during the NFL season, fantasy owners will be looking for any tip or pick that'll put their squad in the win column -- and what better way to get advice than via video, from a one-stop shop of fantasy experts and football addicts?

Who are the FANalysts? An eclectic bunch, to say the least: Shango the Stonethrower, Fantasy Sports Girl, SHportstalk, StatBeast, FFX, Uncle Joey, the Professor and Stat Girl and last but certainly not least, Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, who gives us his take on FANalysts here:

As you're drafting teams or reshuffling rosters before the season begins September 4, check back for the latest tips and info. Halfway through the season, Circuit City will give you the chance to become a FANalyst yourself. Watch in October for your chance to join the squad.

Happy Drafting,

Andrew B.