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YouTube Content Partners + Video Units

By The YouTube Team

Remember learning about ecosystems in science class? Oceans, beehives, forests, the city you live in -- they're all groups where members interact with and (hopefully) benefit from each other. Ecosystems extend to the Internet as well.

Our friends over at Google AdSense just announced a new offering called video units. Video units feature compelling video content within a customizable video player and are supported with user-friendly, targeted advertising from AdWords advertisers. Starting today, third party website publishers in the AdSense program can start displaying these video units on their sites.

So what role does YouTube play in this ecosystem? AdSense is collaborating with select YouTube content partners to supply the videos for these video units to display on third party Adsense partner websites. We're pretty excited about this because we're now able to offer YouTube content partners, if they choose, a significant opportunity to reach new audiences. There are thousands of websites that use Google AdSense, which means more people to watch these videos. Some of the content partners participating include TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, Next New Networks, Extreme Elements, Mondo Media, Ford Models, Lisanova, Lonelygirl15, and many more.

To learn more about video units and check out a live demo, visit the AdSense Blog.


The YouTube Team