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YouTube comes to Colombia

By Susana Pabón

Gerente de Comunicaciones Corporativas, Google Latinoamérica

Starting today, Colombians will have a localized YouTube to show the world their creativity, talent, and ingenuity. Colombia follows Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico as the fourth Latin American country to launch a YouTube domain ( With a local version of YouTube, Colombians will now be able to more easily discover content and share local talent from within their country.

The advent of YouTube Colombia also has economic implications, especially for users who create videos that people share frequently. Users with the most watched or popular videos may apply to be part of YouTube's partner program, which already provides economic benefits to more than 20,000 members worldwide.

We hope that YouTube will allow Colombians to see and share their world through video. There have already been many shining examples, such as Esteman, who found YouTube a great worldwide place to have his musical hit, or math teacher “JulioProfe” who holds more than 17 million views of his math classes around the globe.

See you, and Colombia, on the web!