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Youtube's largest game show in Latin America

YouTube at the Brasil Game Show: What you need to know

A recap of YouTube's participation in the largest Game Show in Latin America.

From October 6 to 12, YouTube participated in the Brasil Game Show (BGS), the largest Game Show in Latin America. The YouTube space – boasting over 10,000 square feet – brought together the main gaming communities of the platform. In addition to marketing activations, we also hosted many popular Brazilian creators, including BRKsEdu, Nobru, Malena, Cerol, Skorpion Gamer, and Cherryrar.

As we celebrate and reflect on this intense and memorable week, we’d like to share five of our most notable achievements from the event.

Brasil Gaming Show - session with creators and their fans

Reconnecting with the gaming community

1. We connected YouTube gamers with their community of fans in person, after two years of waiting and many changes

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in unique and unexpected ways. Many people have found on YouTube ways to inform themselves, learn, have well-being and also find entertainment, such as exploring the gaming universe. Today in Brazil, gaming content is the second most consumed on the platform and new gamers have emerged during this period. This is the case of creator Geleia, who went from a channel with 100 thousand subscribers to 6 million fans in just two years. At GBS we were able to meet game creators and fans in person after a long time and showed that YouTube continues to help creators and viewers connect.

YouTube's Manuelle Pirez shares her thoughts on the state of gaming.

YouTube's Manuelle Pirez shares her thoughts on the state of gaming.

2. We highlighted the relevance of multi-format Gaming Creators

During the first day of the event, Manuelle Pires talked about the state of YouTube Gaming in Brazil and the rise of the multi-format creator, Gaming creators in Brazil, and around the globe, are building powerhouse brands by leveraging Live Streaming, VOD and Shorts as multiple video formats to tell their stories. And they are earning money from multiple revenue streams. For example, gaming channels in Brazil that earn more than $10,000 USD grew by more than 50% from 2020 to 2021.

Working with underrepresented youth to ensure the future of gaming.

Working with underrepresented youth to ensure the future of gaming.

3. We launched Favela Gaming

To increase YouTube's social impact in Brazil, we are partnering with Final Level and Gerando Falcões to create Favela Gaming, a project to help young people from under-represented groups to build successful careers in the gaming industry, preparing the students for different roles such as a professional gamer, content creator or any other relevant area of ​​the segment.

YouTube Shorts Challenge

YouTube Shorts Challenge!

4. We celebrated our YouTube Shorts Challenge "My Life Could be a Game"

At BGS, we kept celebrating gamers and their lives. To have fun with our ongoing Shorts Challenge we had a dedicated booth that included activities such as content production and challenge areas for the gaming community to participate in the challenge.

Discussing the power and the possibilities of YouTube Shorts

Discussing the power and the possibilities of YouTube Shorts.

5. We reminded everyone of the impact of Shorts and our new monetization opportunities

Last year, we launched YouTube Shorts in beta, since then, Gaming short-form content has found incredible success on YouTube. We’re just at the beginning of what gaming creators can do with Shorts and we want to make it even easier to create them. Starting in early 2023, Shorts-focused creators will be able to apply to YouTube’s Partner Program and aim to support creators who are even earlier in their YouTube journey, from gamers showing off their speed runs to trendsetting DIY makeup tutorials. A new level of YPP with lower requirements will offer earlier access to Fan Funding features like Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers and Channel Memberships. To reward creators across a range of formats, we’ll have paths for long-form, Shorts and Live creators to join this new tier in 2023.

Want to know more about our new monetization possibilities? Get all the details from our Made on YouTube blog here.