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Connecting youth leaders across the Americas

Tune in to watch the live stream of the Young Americas Forum at the Summit of the Americas.

Today, the Young Americas Forum kicks off in Los Angeles as part of the ninth Summit of the Americas, with the goal of bringing together thousands of young people from across the hemisphere – both in person and virtually – to discuss and learn the 5C’s of youth development: Climate Change, COVID 19, Collaborating with Youth, Combating Corruption and Connectivity and Digital Transformation.

To help open up the experience of the Forum for everyone, YouTube is offering a dedicated livestream of the main program. You can follow along here between June 7 and June 9 to watch and hear from youth activists, community leaders and even some of your favorite creators.

Hear from Estela Renner, Raull Santiago, Miriam Araceli Luna and Elizabeth Nava — you might even hear from a special guest or two!

On Thursday, June 9 at 9 a.m. PT, tune in to learn about new methods of climate activism based in content, culture and advocacy that aim to educate the public, hold governments accountable, implement solutions and drive change across the Americas and the world. Hear from filmmaker Estela Renner about her latest YouTube docu-series on the Amazon, “Sound of the River,” Raull Santiago about his advocacy around sustainability in Brazil’s favelas, Miriam Araceli Luna whose work in Peru was featured in National Geographic’s series “Planet Love,” and Elizabeth Nava whose sustainable business developing new packaging materials in Mexico won her the Talent and Innovation Competition award at the Summit of the Americas in 2012. You might even hear from a special guest or two!

Throughout the Forum, a group of four creator-journalists from across the Americas will also be on deck to interview government leaders in attendance and ask the questions their audiences most want to know about. Check out the channels of Brandon Gonez (Canada); Sin Embargo (Mexico); Antonio Tabet of MyNews (Brazil); and Ana Kasparian from the Young Turks (US) to follow along with all of their interviews.

It’s never been a more important time for young people to be advocates for the world they want to live in. The new generation of young leaders across the Americas have an opportunity to connect with a Hemispheric and global audience like never before to make their voices heard on the issues they care about.

Join the conversation online using #SummitAmericas.