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Your questions about ads and advertising answered

By Mia Quagliarello

Product Marketing Manager

For the next edition of “YouTube Answers,” a series in which you’re invited to ask us questions on a broad topic, we’re tackling your queries about ads and advertising. You submitted nearly 50 questions about our ad business, and here we have Rick Silvestrini, Product Marketing Manager, addressing the seven most popular:

Next up: head over to the YouTube channel where we’re using Moderator to collect questions on the topic of “Building an audience on YouTube.” This is a good opportunity to ask about how to build a robust subscriber base and how to engage those viewers, and to get answers from partners who’ve already done this well, earning hundreds of thousands of subscribers in the process. We’ll be taking questions until Wednesday, October 13, and then we’ll be back as soon as possible afterward with a new illuminating video.