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Your Money, Your YouTube

By The YouTube Team

Get a better handle on your finances with a collection of smart, sound videos on the Your Money channel, which launches today.

With the markets in the headlines every day, people are seeking out more information on every subject from financial markets to personal finance and tips on debt management. Presented with Bank of America, Your Money is a one-stop shop for content from some of the most respected names in the world of financial reporting -- and some of the YouTube channels that deliver smart advice on how to get your own financial world into better shape.

Whether you want more info on managing credit card balances, some investing tips or a new way to balance your budget, you'll find info you can use in one place. You can even track stocks in the Your Money stock ticker. Check back often: our partner channels are always reporting on new financial developments and coming up with new tips for the money-savvy user. We'll be adding more videos every week, so you can watch Your Money grow over time.


The YouTube Team