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Your Money: Your YouTube

By The YouTube Team

With the economy foremost in the minds of almost everyone from Wall Street to Main Street, the YourMoney channel, in association with Bank of America, is YouTube's one-stop destination for expert financial insight. Whether you are looking for a high-level perspective on the state of today's financial system, investing tips, or just advice on managing credit card debt and balancing your check book, you'll find a range of useful and topical videos in one place.

Along with giving you some of the best financial content out there, YourMoney enables you to do some financial tracking of your own. A customizable Google Finance gadget has been added to the channel that tracks the performance of the market and your portfolio, offering you an up-to-date financial hub on YouTube. Check back often as our partner channels are regularly reporting on new financial developments and offering tips for the money-savvy investor. So watch, engage and learn as the YourMoney channel continues to stay abreast of the developing financial stories that matter most.


The YouTube Team