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Your Community Advocate

By Mia

The YouTube Team

Many of you already know the esteemed Damien Estreich, the man behind the YouTube news vlog YourTubeNEWS. Damien’s been a fixture ’round our virtual lives for some time now. He’s been in touch nonstop with great product suggestions, feature video tips, and community issues big and small. We couldn’t even calculate how many hours (days, weeks!) Damien has already invested into building the YouTube community and making it a happier place. Frankly, it’s scary how much time he spends online – I don’t think the man has seen the sunshine in months.

We thought it was time to make Damien official, and this week marks his second as a YouTube employee. He's our "Community Advocate," and before your face morphs into a blank stare, I'll explain: think of Damien as the YouTube Concierge, offering personal service to the most dedicated users (ie, the ones reading this blog!). Damien will champion your issues and concerns; if he can't personally help, he'll bubble them up to the folks who can. He's yet another set of eyes and ears out there, listening to what you're saying and making sure that the YouTube team responds ever more quickly to the community. Damien will continue to produce YourTubeNews (with plans to revamp the vlog to be more “real and personal”) and report on the movers and shakers in the YouTube universe. See him here and/or write to him directly at

Please join me in officially welcoming Damien to the YouTube team!