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Your 60 seconds, on 60 Minutes

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

It's one of the most-watched hours of TV every week, and now it’s coming to YouTube. 60 Minutes, CBS's long-standing, Emmy-award winning Sunday night news program, has started a YouTube channel to post stories from the show. Now, if you miss 60 Minutes on a Sunday night, you can tune in Monday morning and watch the stories on YouTube at

But that's not all. The 60 Minutes team wants to hear your feedback on the issues and the people their correspondents cover. So we’re partnering in a new program called, “Ask 60 Minutes,” where you can engage directly with their correspondents. This week, we’re featuring correspondent Lara Logan’s story from the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, where she spent weeks with the 101st Airborne undergoing relentless attacks. The commanding officers in the piece all point to Pakistan as the staging area for attacks from foreign fighters – not only the Taliban, but Uzbeks, Chechens, Arabs and Pakistanis as well. Lara Logan wants to know what you think about the story:

Go to the 60 Minutes YouTube channel to upload a 60-second video with your thoughts, as well as vote on others responses. If you don’t want to use video, you can submit your feedback in text. 60 Minutes producers may broadcast some of the top-voted responses on TV (that's a weekly audience of 13 million!) or respond to them directly on their website,