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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Tom Tancredo

By Steve of Citizentube

YouTube News & Politics

Currently reaching out to voters in the You Choose '08 Spotlight is Tom Tancredo, the Colorado Congressman who's nationally known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. Tancredo's Spotlight video asks you to weigh in on the immigration issue by telling your personal stories about how illegal immigration has affected you.

Governor Mike Huckabee got back to the YouTube community last week with this reply video to his question, "Do you want to see the IRS disappear?" Click below to hear Huckabee talk more about his plan to institute the Fair Tax.

The Spotlight is your chance to speak directly to the candidates about the issues you care most about. We'll be announcing a similar opportunity very soon, when we release the details of two live presidential debates that YouTube is producing with CNN.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled,

Steve of Citizentube