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You Choose '08 Spotlight: John Edwards

By Steve Grove

Head of News And Politics, YouTube

Next up in the You Choose '08 Spotlight is Senator John Edwards, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. Edwards was a U.S. Senator from 1998 until 2004, when he ran as the Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States. Here's his video made just for YouTube:

A reminder of how the Spotlight works: Each candidate from our You Choose ’08 platform has a week in the Spotlight, during which they post a video asking the YouTube community a question. You have a week to upload response videos to their question, and before the week is through, the candidates will post another video reflecting on what they've seen.

Last week, we kicked off the Spotlight with Governor Mitt Romney, whose question, "What is America's single greatest challenge", inspired almost 70 video responses and over 400,000 views. You can check out Governor Romney's YouTube channel to see the reply videos he made after watching your videos and comments, or watch one of them here:

Spotlight highlights the revolutionary way that YouTube politics is giving us access to speak directly to our leaders -- in this case, the future President of the United States. And as we've already seen, they are listening!