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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Hillary Clinton

By Steve of Citizentube

YouTube News & Politics

Senator Hillary Clinton may have many talents, but she'll be the first to admit that singing isn't one of them. (She's been known to warble a bit off-key.) This week in the You Choose '08 Spotlight, Clinton makes light of her lack of singing talent and asks YouTube users to help her choose her campaign theme song.

Go to her campaign website to vote on which song she should use or suggest your own. Or upload a reply video with your own rendition of the song you like could even write your own!

A few days ago, Senator John McCain posted not one but three reply videos to users from his week in the Spotlight. His question was, "What's the most important issue that's not getting enough straight talk?" Here's one of his replies. You can see the rest on his YouTube channel.

Steve of Citizentube