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You Choose '08 Spotlight: Duncan Hunter

By Steve of Citizentube

YouTube News & Politics

Ever wish you could get on the phone and talk with your political leaders directly? Well, this week in the You Choose '08 Spotlight, Congressman Duncan Hunter is giving you that chance. Hunter asks the YouTube community to make a one-minute video answering the question, "Who is your hero?" By the end of his week, he'll select the three most compelling videos and give the YouTube users who made them a direct phone call to "ask you your ideas about America."

Hunter kicks off the conversation by talking about his hero: his son, Duncan Jr., a Marine who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Rep. Hunter is in favor of a muscular national defense and is probably best known for his positions on securing American borders.

On the other side of the fence (er, aisle) is Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who finished up his week in the Spotlight today. He asked users to tell stories about moments when they were most proud of America, and he posted two reply videos directly aimed at YouTube users. This one, to Razela, responds to her video on music and education, and offers the Congressman's thoughts on education policy:

Looking forward to learning about your heroes,

Steve of Citizentube