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You Choose '08 New Features

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

As the 2008 presidential primary election continues to winnow the Republican and Democratic field, our You Choose '08 platform has expanded to include more election content for you to watch. Not only do we have videos from the candidates' YouTube channels, but we also have more content from news organizations, bloggers and, of course, you. Check out the redesign here.

We'll feature five timely election videos here every week day -- and every Friday we'll post a "Best of the Week" list so you can catch up over the weekend if you missed anything. Our Election News section will feature videos from our news partners, including the Associated Press, CBS News, and The New York Times . In addition, lots of local news stations have YouTube channels and we'll be highlighting their content too.

In our playlist box, you can keep track of the candidates' views on the important issues in this election, and we've planted a few of your ideas in there as well. You can also can keep track of past political programs that ran on YouTube (the debates, primary and caucus voter video projects, international political platforms) by clicking on the icons down in the footer of the page.

So what do you think? Shoot us an email with your thoughts as we continue to develop You Choose '08 to bring candidates and voters together in effective ways. We'd also love your video ideas for the You Choose '08 playlists.

Finally, stay tuned to the You Choose '08 platform as the 2008 election broadens beyond the presidential race to Congressional, state and local elections, or head over to our political platforms in the UK and Spain for a taste of politics beyond the 50 states.

Steve G.