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You Choose '08: Healthcare

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

In the second of our six-part You Choose '08 series on the issues in this election, we examine one of the most hotly-debated issues of the last two decades: healthcare. Based on polls, most Americans agree that health care reform should be a top priority of the next administration. But just how should the government go about reforming America's healthcare system? YouTubers from all sides of the issue have been weighing in.

In her video “Frustration In America," faintstarlite vents about the U.S. healthcare system. As an American citizen who recently returned from living in England, where she didn't have to pay for healthcare, she provides a unique perspective on the issue. Over 600,000 people have watched her video, in which she concludes that health should be considered a basic human right. Check out some of the responses.

But not everyone believes that we should be taking cues from our European friends. Registered Nurse NanaHall55 believes the real answer lies in getting insurance companies to lower their premiums. And PropagandaBuster believes we should run from any form of government-controlled healthcare.

If the answer to your pain is getting some work done on your funny bone, check out this animated (though scathing) attack on the health insurance industry. On the other side of the debate, watch Jackie Mason's vlog in which he excoriates Senator Clinton and Senator Obama for their respective healthcare proposals.

And if you're more interested in the questions than the answers, check out IMedExchanges's YouTube channel. They're a consortium of doctors who have taken to YouTube to ask the presidential candidates questions about their healthcare policies. Their concerns provide an important window into the concerns of medical professionals who deal with our healthcare system on a daily basis.

Steve G.