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Yo! Megan Fox and Vin Diesel! You think you're better than us?

By Hunter Walk

Director of Product Management

OK, Ashton might have more followers on Twitter than we do, but we're not going quietly into the night. Let's take a friendly celebrity tussle to Facebook, shall we? where we've got the 12th most popular Product/Celebrity fan page (thankyouverymuch). With 3.1 million fans, we're hovering above Mr. Demi Moore, Rihanna and, er, potato chips (Pringles). That's not too bad, but our sights are on you, Will Smith, Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, Adam Sandler and Vin Diesel. You stand in our way of leaderboard glory so it's time for a good old fashioned Internet showdown.
You heard it here: we're going to pass these celebs in the next 60 days and if we don't, we'll eat humble pie and spotlight video(s) on our homepage for the nonprofit or non-commercial cause of their choosing. It's a stretch goal, to be sure, as we'd have to gain approximately the following numbers of fans to beat...

 Think we can do it? Help us get there by joining our Facebook group now. Because we so want to be able to say that we're stronger than Vin Diesel, cooler than Will Smith and hotter than Megan Fox.