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Won't You Adopt a Feature?

By Hunter Walk

Director of Product Management

Raise your hand if you've watched a YouTube video. Cool, the "play" button definitely works but that's just the start of where the YouTube experience can begin. Every week we release new tools, or enhancements to current ones, to help you make better videos, connect with one another, and understand your audience. We tell you about them in this blog, but now we want to take it up a notch and ask you to (puppy-dog eyes) adopt a feature.

It's not to say that the features on the list below are unloved or unlovable; it's just that we believe that many of you could help spread the word more broadly about their usefulness -- and, more important, in a way that's fun to watch.

So here's how it would work:

1. Select one or more features from the list below.

2. Make a video about that feature (of course, it must adhere to our Terms of Service) and be sure to use the precise tags we've indicated for each feature.

3. We'll start tracking how your videos are impacting that feature's performance and offer a play-by-play in this blog, notating which users are making the greatest impact with their videos. Our first update will be on March 17, so get cracking!

4. The most successful video(s) will be featured on our home page and live for all eternity in our Help Center, and you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped the feature live a long and productive life.

And with that, here are some features that could use your loving touch:

* AudioSwap (use tags: audioswap, adoptafeature)

* Country and Language Options (use tags: countrypulldown, adoptafeature)

* Insight (use tags: insight, adoptafeature)

* Playlists (use tags: playlists, adoptafeature)

* Quick Capture (use tags: quickcapture, adoptafeature)

* Subscriptions (use tags: subscriptions, adoptafeature)

If you're looking for inspiration, watch this video that LisaNova created about subscriptions and why she can't live without them:

Think you can do better? Let's see! And if you have a favorite YouTube feature that we haven't included on this list, let us know in the comments.