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Whew! A couple busy, busy weeks

By The YouTube Team

These are some of the changes we've made:

  • New front page

    We have redesigned the front page to better capture what YouTube is about. The featured videos lend an instant snapshot of the cool videos added recently to the site. Upload your interesting video and watch it get featured!

  • Browse pages

    The browse page contains many, many more items for each of the categories. Each category now contains 100 items separated into 5 pages.

  • UTF-8 support in tags

    Finally! UTF-8 support has been added to tags. You can now attach UTF-8 tags to your video. You can also go back to videos you've previously uploaded and add UTF-8 tags to those. Furthermore, UTF-8 searching is enabled. Try searching for 王力宏.

  • HTML-enabled emails

    Emails being sent from the system have been converted over to using HTML.

As always, while you're perusing the site, if you notice anything you'd like changed, please feel free to shoot us a message.