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What’s in your cards? Get your personalized Tarot reading today!

  • By The YouTube Team
  • Jun.07.2022
In celebration of the tarot card community, we partnered with some of your favorite creators and artists to bring you an interactive tarot experience.

In celebration of the growing tarot community on YouTube, we’re bringing you an interactive Tarot YouTube experience! The tarot community on YouTube has grown significantly over the past few years. In fact, last year, videos with "tarot" in the title were viewed more than 250 million times in the U.S.! To celebrate the tarot card community, we partnered with some of your favorite creators and artists to bring you a personalized tarot experience. Click on the YouTube logo today (June 7) or check out this link to receive a reading for a limited time.

Our creators, Lavendaire, Vanessa Somuayina and Ediyasmr will read your cards from a custom, YouTube-inspired tarot deck featuring familiar faces like Safiya Nygaard, Larray, BLACKPINK and other popular creators and artists! They’ll also help you discover your Soul card, which is calculated based on your date of birth and shares insights on your innate traits and personal path in life. You’ll be even able to share your reading and Soul card on social media. Be sure to check it out and see what’s in your cards today!


To celebrate this growing community we sat down with creator, Vanessa Somuayina to talk all things tarot! Vanessa has dedicated her time to bringing her subscribers into a world of personal discovery and self reflection through tarot. Check out our interview with Vanessa!

Vanessa Somuayina

What made you interested in tarot and how did you start using it?

I’ve always had an affinity for all things wellbeing. I also always felt like there were energies that I could feel, which were exclusive to me and sort of inexplicable. So as a child I used to collect stones and crystals, which led me to discover tarot as a young adult.

At first I was skeptical about tarot, but I quickly realized that it helps me self-reflect and pose questions I never would have considered if it weren’t for the cards. I actually did not lay or pull any cards until I had a basic understanding of everything, as I felt my very first reading on myself would reveal a special meaning. And it did. The little three-card reading predicted that practicing tarot would lead to greater fulfillment for me.

I started using tarot more in everyday life, to seek more clarity for both simple and complex questions. I learned that while many things are written off in the mainstream as "mere coincidences," tarot opens up a "what if there's a reason behind this" type of dialogue and gives these events meaningful explanations.

When did you start incorporating tarot into your YouTube videos and what was the response when you started posting tarot videos?

I began incorporating tarot into my videos over three-and-a-half years ago, as I wanted to share something that helped me so much with others, in the hopes of viewers finding value in this as well. While I was terrified to post my very first tarot reading video, the response was quite surprisingly very positive. Those first few comments from people who found my content valuable are what kept me going. I haven’t looked back since!

While many things are written off as 'mere coincidences,' tarot opens up a 'what if there's a reason behind this' type of dialogue and gives them meaningful explanations”

Vanessa Somuayina

How have you seen this community on YouTube grow over the past few years?

I would say that the tarot community has definitely gained a lot of traction over the past few years. There are so many tarot readers out here now, it’s hard to keep track! I would also say that the community has grown in the sense of reaching an increasingly more mainstream audience.

How are you celebrating the Tarot community this year?

That’s a good question! I’ll most-likely start off by lighting some candles and burning incense, while laying some tarot cards for myself and my husband. I will most definitely be going for a walk in nature and spending a good chunk of my day just reflecting and meditating - in honor of what tarot helps so many of us do. After that, I of course will need to tune in to see how my Tarot Day project with YouTube is looking as we celebrate this special community.

Click on the YouTube logo today to check out Vanessa and our other creators in this interactive tarot experience!