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What’s happening with view counts?

By The YouTube Team

You may have noticed some recent changes in the number of views on your videos and channels. This is happening because we’re simultaneously changing how we count channel views and fixing some problems with counts on individual videos.

Your channel views will reflect what people can watch: We recently changed how we display total views on a channel. In the past, we’d count all the views of all your videos, even for videos that you may have deleted or made private. To make this less confusing to viewers, we’re transitioning to only displaying the total views of videos that are publicly available on the channel. So if you’ve deleted videos or made them private or unlisted, those views have been (or soon will be) removed from your channel total.

We're cleaning up bugs: You may have noticed a spike in views from mobile devices on Jan. 11-15, 2013. That was a bug on our end, and we’re going to fix that today on the video page, and you’ll see the correct view counts in YouTube Analytics over the next few days. You may also have noticed that some of your video views look low for Jan. 25-27, compared with the number of comments, shares, and likes on your videos. That was due to a one-time error in how we verify legitimate views, and we’re going to restore those views over the next several days.

Thanks for your patience with these transitions.