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Welcome To Your New Watch Page

By The YouTube Team

With things like Release Notes, we're focusing on sharing our philosophy behind changes on YouTube to give you a better understanding of why we make certain product decisions. We review the emails, blog post comments and Tweets you send our way, and want to thank all of you who wrote in to share your opinions. Today, we are beginning to roll out the new watch page. The update will begin with videos on the home page -- go to, click on any video featured, and you'll get dizzy with excitement.

We think you'll find that the new watch page makes it even easier for you to view content while doing the Exorcist Walk or a headstand.
It also gives you even more control over picture quality -- our internal tests have shown that modern computer monitors offer better picture quality when flipped upside-down. Below are some of the features we're most excited about.

Real-Time Topsy-Turvyness

The biggest part of the new watch page is the real-time disorientation you'll get when you've clicked on a video from the home page. The new watch page lets you know what's happening right now in your world -- and it feels kinda funny. The page also makes it simpler for you to view content in the southern hemisphere (or, if you live in the southern hemisphere, then you should head north for the optimum viewing experience).

The Escape Route

One of the important things to remember about the page is that you might get a neck ache. That's why there's an improved Escape Route. It makes it easy to say, "Whoa, I prefer the old-fashioned layout!" So anytime your neck starts to hurt, you will know there's an out.

Discovering Fun

The final piece of the new watch page is the Laughs we get in confusing you on April Fool's Day.

Affectionately yours,

The YouTube Team