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Webbys for the Mantle...

By Chris Di Cesare

Director, Marketing

We woke up this morning to good news: YouTube Live won three different Webby Awards in both the Web and Online Film/Video categories for live events and webcasts. Thank you so much for voting! We're proud to be in such great company; many of the other winners also have a formidable presence on YouTube, among them TED (Best Use of Video or Moving Image), The Onion (Humor), FailBlog (Humor, Weird - People's Voice), and Lonely Planet (Travel - People's Voice).

We're also thrilled to see that Live staples DJ Mike Relm and Virgin America were Honorees for outstanding content created for YouTube Live (click here for Relm's Lionsgate mashup and here for Virgin's "Epilogue" video by LisaNova). Relm will be performing at the Webbys, on June 8 in NYC, and he's already created a twisted "thank you" speech/promo video:

We're looking forward to celebrating with you on June 8. In fact, this year we're teaming up with the Webbys to create a front row experience on the Webbys' new customized YouTube channel, which will contain the winners' five-word acceptance speeches, celebrity interviews and show highlights. 


Chris Di Cesare