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We Put Games in the Spotlight for E3

By Mark Day

YouTube Gaming

For gaming fans, E3 is the place to see the industry's most-anticipated new properties. If you can't make it to Los Angeles for the convention, E3 Spotlight is the place to check out the highlights of the show.

E3 Spotlight brings together some of YouTube's top gaming partners for the first time to give you in-depth coverage of this annual industry event. Respected gaming editors from channels like IGNentertainment, GameSpot, Machinima, and Wired are hitting the trade show floor to get the scoop on games that will be on every player's holiday wishlist at the end of the year. For a change of pace, expect to see ObamaGirl at E3, trading in her BarelyPolitical slant for a BarelyDigital agenda. When you visit E3 Spotlight, you can make your own opinions known by voting on which new game trailers you like best.

We'll be adding more videos to E3 Spotlight during and after the event. So check in for more previews and interviews, and don't forget to keep your game face on.


Mark Day

YouTube Gaming