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We need your help to test new product features!

By Kasia Kotecka

Research Participant Recruiter

Google is constantly striving to improve our products, and a large part of this is gathering feedback from our users. Currently we are looking for YouTube partners interested in participating in a remote usability testing. The main goal of this study is to test new product features to better understand your needs.

The studies will take place on Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st of July. The studies will be remote sessions that we'll be streaming using Google+ Hangouts, so you can participate from home on your desktop or laptop computer. If you are interested in participating, please complete the questionnaire linked below. If you match the user profile we are looking for, we'll contact you and schedule your session appointment.
Details of the study:

  • The duration of the study session is 60 minutes
  • After participating, you'll receive a $50 Amazon voucher as a token of our appreciation

To participate you will need to:
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Accept the terms of our Usability Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Be able to work for an hour in a quiet place on a desktop PC or a laptop (no tablets or mobile phones).
  • Have a Google+ account we can use to create a joint Hangout to stream your session.
  • Allow us to video- or audio-record the session (the recording will only be used for internal documentation and analysis).

**Please note that you won’t be compensated for responding to this questionnaire; you’ll receive a voucher only if you actually attend a study session with Google.**

Thank you for your time.

If you have any questions about our usability studies, please visit our FAQ.

The personal information you provide to us in this questionnaire will only be used for purposes of Google user research. We will not share it with anyone else. For details on how Google treats your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.