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Watching Video on Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 Phones

By David Stewart

Product Marketing

Our goal is to provide you with a great YouTube experience wherever you want to watch videos -- whether it's on your computer, on your television, or on your mobile phone. While YouTube has been available for many mobile phones for over a year, today we're taking a big step forward with a new version of our mobile YouTube application. It's optimized for most Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 devices (a list of supported Nokia S60 devices is available here). In addition to providing YouTube on more phones than ever before, it's also much faster -- up to 90% faster starting up, searching, and video loading -- and gives you better video quality that's automatically optimized to your WiFi or 3G network.

To download the app, visit from your device. More cool features and app improvements are on the way, and the app will alert you as updates become available and allow you to upgrade with a single click.


David Stewart