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Watch Jane’s Addiction perform live tonight

By Sarah Bardeen

Music Community Manager

The band who helped invent alternative rock is breaking new ground yet again—this time in partnership with YouTube and LG. Tonight at 6pm PT / 9pm ET, Jane’s Addiction will perform live at JFK Airport’s Terminal 5—and you can watch the entire show as it happens on But that’s not the half of it: intrepid audience members will be able to capture 3D footage of the show on their LG Thrill 4G phones and see it edited into a 60-minute 3D documentary which will premiere on YouTube on August 4 right here.

Jane’s Addiction are a combustible band who’ve always pushed boundaries in their videos. They ran afoul of MTV back in 1988 with their opus for the thundering single “Mountain Song,” off of Nothing’s Shocking, which featured full frontal nudity. The band learned their lesson, and the hilarious “Been Caught Stealing” got heavy rotation on MTV, maintaining the band’s irreverent sense of humor while slipping its celebration of theft past the censors.

But the band was always good for more than just shock value. For the post-punk generation, Perry Farrell’s keening caterwaul and Dave Navarro’s gigantic riffs made rock’n’roll exciting and dangerous again. Along with the Pixies, the band pioneered the “loud-quiet-loud” dynamic that Nirvana would quickly popularize. Though the band split up just as the alternative rock revolution got underway, their music remained a hallmark of the sound, and it’s aged well. Two new releases have proven the band remains a vital force.

So if you’ve got a budding rock photographer in you, or you’re jonesing to capture Perry Farrell’s primal squawk on camera, get yourself to Terminal 5. And for those of you getting excited for the live stream tonight, get a load of this classic song while you wait.