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Want to use your full name on YouTube? Partners can opt in now

By David Boyle

YouTube Staff

Until June, cutepuppies99 was stuck with a name he may have outgrown, and origamigirl1981 couldn’t reveal the name of the person with the skills. We wanted to fix this, so we started allowing them to use their name from their Google+ profiles on YouTube.

Today, we are happy to announce that YouTube partners can now get in on the action by opting in.

Opting in allows you to replace your username with your Google+ profile name (spaces included!), replace your photo  with any you’ve uploaded, and include a direct link to your profile.  See this example from creator Rob Scallon, formerly known as “robs70986987”:

This provides you with a seamless way to connect with and be discovered by your audience across YouTube and Google.

Despite some nifty benefits, opting into a Google+ profile isn’t for everyone. Currently, YouTube only supports using a Google+ profile identity, which is designed for individuals who want to use their full names. If your channel is built around a brand or organization, and you want to use that name instead, you should wait until Google+ Pages are available to be connected with channels. (We’re working hard on that, too.) Google+ Pages can be named after a brand or organization, and up to 50 people may administer the account. (You’ll also be able administer up to 50 channels from an account.)

If you think a Google+ profile is a good fit for you, you can start opting in by going to the advanced section of your account settings and clicking “Begin using my full name on YouTube.” Note that this is only available if you have your Google+ profile on the same account as your Channel.

And if you change your mind, you can always switch back to cutepuppies99.

For more information on Google identities on YouTube, visit our help center.