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VidCon 2013: See You in Two Weeks!

By The YouTube Team

One of our favorite times of the year is when we all get together at VidCon. It’s been so exciting to see VidCon expand to over 10,000 attendees in just three years, including thousands of creators from emerging talent to superstars, media companies to advertising agencies.

Oh, and as always, we’ll have a few tricks up our sleeve, so make sure to follow our @YTCreators and +YouTubeCreators social channels, where we’ll be broadcasting live from VidCon, and you can feel like part of the action even if you’re not there.

You can find out what we’re up to below. And, don’t forget! There are a few ways that you can take advantage of what we’ll be doing at VidCon now, so be sure to sign up as seats will go quickly.

  • YouTube Creator Optimization Sessions: Sign up to attend a YouTube optimization best practices session.  You'll hear directly from the YouTube team with tips on optimizing your channel and videos.  Space is limited, so sign up soon here!
  • Workshops & Panels: Join us for a variety of workshops where you can hear directly from the YouTube team on how to be a successful partner on the platform. Topics include:
    • Kissing Babies & Couch Potatoes: Lessons from Politicians and TV to Drive Your Watch Time (How long people stay with your video can carry more weight in your success on YouTube than the sheer volume of viewers. How can channels best optimize for watch time while still maintaining their authenticity and brand?)
    • Branded Content Part 2: Doin’ It Well (Learn from creators who've worked with advertisers, and talk to members of Google's Branded Content team about what to expect when creating branded content.)
    • Creating a Hit Show on YouTube: What’s Working and Why in 2013 (What are the best tips and examples for programming your content to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more?)
    • Get the Most Out of YouTube–for Creators (Learn how to get help with your questions at YouTube, how YouTube's sales team is working to increase the revenue on your channel, how to build your channel through creator development programs or working in the YouTube Space, and how to make the most of other Google products like Google+ and Google Play to bolster your career.)
    • How Much Am I Worth: Understanding YouTube Monetization and Determining Your Channel's Value (Find out how advertising and monetization really work on YouTube, what's coming soon, and how to valuate your channel to position yourself in the most effective way possible.)
    • Internet for the Mind: Educational Content on YouTube (Learn how you can you establish credibility as an educational resource in the expanding field of educational videos.)
Interested in attending YouTube panels and workshops? Check out the VidCon agenda for more info on each workshop, chances to meet your favorite creator, and get tickets for concerts and dance parties!

  • YouTube Fan Booth: Come visit our YouTube booth where we’ll be available to chat all things video, snap memories in our Geek Week photo booth, and have a chance to win some awesome YouTube swag!
  • Industry Day Keynote: We’re kicking off our presence with a keynote on Industry Day to celebrate the incredible things creators have done in the last year and reveal what’s upcoming.   

We’re looking forward to seeing you, hearing from you, learning with you (and of course having fun alongside you!) at VidCon this year. Anaheim, here we come!