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User Inspires Favicon Change

By Margaret Stewart

User Experience Manager

Favicon is short for "Favorites Icon" and it is a square icon that often appears in your Web browser's address bar or in your list of bookmarks.

An enterprising blogger at Typophile recently pointed out that our favicon was fairly unreadable in a post that caught our eye. We didn't disagree with him and so we took him up on his suggestion, made a few extra tweaks and have now launched it on the site. (It will take a few weeks to update in other areas on the Web.) You can see the improvement in the before-and-after graphic below. As you can hopefully tell, the favicon on the right is now much more clearly defined.

So thank you, Miha at Typophile, for calling that out and being the catalyst behind this change. You are among the many users who've inspired us to do better, and for that we've got a thank you gift with your name on it heading your way.