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User Experience Manager Shares Her TED Sketchbook

By Margaret Gould Stewart

User Experience Manager

This week, I've been in Long Beach, CA, attending the TED Conference. If you're not familiar with it, TED is an annual gathering of thought leaders from a variety of fields: science, music, education, health care, politics, environmentalism, entrepreneurialism, technology, design, and more. The goal of the conference is to share "ideas worth spreading." A few years back, the TED organizers decided to share videos of these talks with the world, and we are delighted that they host them on YouTube, as well as their own site, If you've never seen a TED talk video before, you're in for a treat. There is truly something for everyone.
Each year while attending the conference, I take careful notes of the session in my sketchbook. It's the best way for me to ensure that I really pay attention to what's being said and also that I absorb as much of the ideas and information as possible. As it turns out, people have told me that my sketchbooks are a pretty nice way to "page through" the conference, so I'd like to share my notes from the 2009 conference with the YouTube community. For the talks that have been posted online, I've linked from the name of the speaker to the talk on YouTube. Here are just a few of my favorites from last year's conference:

Let me know if you enjoyed seeing the notes; I'm taking more this week at the conference and will be happy to share those too! And if you're interested in TED, check out this playlist of talks, curated by 2010 TED Prize Winner Jamie Oliver.