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US gamers look out, E3 gaming expo is live on YouTube

By Mark Day

YouTube Gaming

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year for gamers with the return of E3, the gaming industry’s annual tradeshow in Los Angeles. The E3 YouTube channel will be carrying live streaming coverage from the gaming experts at IGN, starting with today’s pre-E3 press conferences and through the first two days of the show.

For our casual and non-gaming readers, E3 is an annual showcase where gaming companies go all out to create buzz around their upcoming titles. You typically need to be connected to the games industry to attend, but as we continue to give you front row seats to local and world events, you can now share in the E3 excitement as it happens. Expect to see new game demos, developer interviews, expert analysis and more. Check the E3 channel for a daily schedule of events.

The E3 live stream is only available to US gamers, but there will be plenty of up-to-the-minute content posted on the channels of IGN and many other gaming-focused partners. If you’ve been waiting all year for E3, it’s time to sit back and salivate, as gaming’s big guns attempt to wow their way onto your holiday shopping list.