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Updated Preview of New Videos Page (Begone, Red!)

By The YouTube Team

Thanks to everyone who checked out our first preview of the new video browsing page and for letting us know your thoughts. Based on your responses, we're tweaking a few things in this updated version of the Videos tab.

- Tab menu color is now gray, as opposed to red.
- Font size has been adjusted.
- Video categories menu now appears only when you hover over the small triangle, next to the word "Videos" on that tab.

We got such a kick out of the more "unique" messages some users sent to us that we couldn't resist sharing those with you. If we had a YouTube Feedback Hall of Fame, these quotes would be high in the ranks:

- "Wow, doesn't that look like crap...that color red absolutely sucks.
Who thought blood read would be good when someone comes home from work and wants to veg out at some stupid meager web videos and find this vibrant blood red that shocks the eyes into a panic attack resulting in a deadly heart attack. To all the Youtube CEO's, talk to a
psychiatrist, they can tell you what calm and soothing colors are."

- "The preview is about as ugly as your present look, which I always assumed was designed by a room full of engineers without access to photoshop. "

- "When the new layout loaded, i literally jerked away from the screen because of how unattractive it is! I then thought it might be a hacker's joke."

- "it looks like you went back to youtube 1.0."

- "dude, this seriously looks like lol we are not blind dude."

- "Ack! My eyes! My eyes, they're burning!"

-"Nice, but how about a little more red?"

-"Ugly as ****."

Please feel free to send us more feedback on the new version.

Thanks again,
The YouTube Team