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Updated Community Guidelines

By The YouTube Team

As the YouTube Community expands and evolves, we're always trying to keep pace by creating policies that reflect innovative new uses of YouTube and the diverse content posted by users every day.

We realize it's not always obvious where we draw the line on content that's acceptable to upload. Our goal is to help you to be able to keep your videos up and also keep your account in good standing. With this in mind, we've updated the Community Guidelines to address some of the most common questions users ask us about inappropriate content. Included in the update are a few new things to steer clear of, like not directly inciting violence or encouraging other users to violate the Terms of Use.

If you haven't taken a look at the YouTube Community Guidelines lately, go check them out. We've also added tips and examples to explain our policies on hate speech, violence and other content.

We know most of you video heads are not necessarily interested in reading a novel, but this is an essential read for anyone with a YouTube account.

The YouTube Team