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Upcoming Partner Workshop: Budgeting 101

By Bridget Humphrey

Program Manager

What: Budgeting for pre-production, production, and post
When: Thursday, March, 29, 2012 from 4 - 5:30 PM
Where: Google Beverly Hills
Who: YouTube Partners, limited to 20
Why: Learn how to budget your shoots more effectively

This is our first production workshop we are launching as part of our Production Module. This particular workshop will focus on learning the best tips and tricks for creating a cost-effective budget. Be on the look out for future workshops that will focus on Cinematography, Directing, Webseries, Vlogging, Editing, and more!

Budgeting 101

You've recognized the need to budget. But how do you budget for something you've never done before? Or how do you make your budget more effective than your last one? How much money will you need? YouTube’s very own budgeting master, Kathleen Grace, will walk you through the do's and don'ts of pre-production, production, and post, as well as teach you amazing tips and tricks to create professional looking visuals for a fraction of the cost. Here's your opportunity to learn from our in-house YouTube budgeting expert and get your project off on the right foot.

The form to sign up for this event can be accessed here.

We look forward to offering more workshops. Stay tuned for updates by following us on Twitter @YTCreators or signing up for your area's Creator Club.