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"Unstaged” concert series brings you live music, starting with Arcade Fire

By Glenn Brown and Dana Vetter

Business Development, Music and Marketing Programs

Hello, music lover, meet “Unstaged,” a new five-part concert series brought to you by YouTube, American Express and VEVO. Each performance will not only be streamed live on YouTube, but it will also have unique on- and offline components to entertain fans -- for example, you may be able to vote on the encore performance or switch camera angles. And if you miss anything, no worries: the full show and highlights will be available on the artist’s channel soon after the show.

Kicking off the series will be Arcade Fire, who will perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City on August 5. The concert will coincide with the release of Arcade Fire’s third album, The Suburbs, and will be broadcast live to the world on

Other artists slated to be part of the “Unstaged” lineup include John Legend and the Roots. More artists will be announced in the coming weeks so keep an ear tuned right here for more details.