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U.K. P.M. David Cameron answers your questions on Libya, budget cuts and more, in YouTube interview

By Ramya Raghavan and Jayme Goldstein

News & Politics Manager, U.K. and Product Marketing Manager

Last week we asked you to submit your questions for U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron, and you responded with 10,000 questions across topics like the violence in the Middle East, global arms trade, and tuition fees for U.K. students.

Today, in a special interview produced by YouTube World View and Al Jazeera English, you can get to see how the Prime Minister tackles a selection of the questions you voted to the top - including his thoughts on what should be done in Libya, whether banks in the U.K. should pay increased taxes, and what Britain’s role is in Afghanistan. Watch the full interview here:

You can also see how Cameron and a host of other leaders across various disciplines answered the same “Big Three” questions -- questions like “what is the biggest problem facing the next generation and what can we do to solve it?” and “if you could ask any other leader a questions, what would it be and who would you ask it to?” --  by going to and clicking on the “Big Three Questions” tab.

We’ll announce our next YouTube World View interview in the coming weeks, so check back here for more details soon.