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Trespass with Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage is in theaters today, and at home on YouTube

By Elizabeth Ferdon

YouTube Content Partnerships

Nicole Kidman, Nicolas Cage and Joel Schumacher. Two Oscars and countless nominations among them, this team is bringing you a new thriller called Trespass that is out in theaters today, and even more—it’s available on YouTube Movies in the US as well.

Director Joel Schumacher sat down to talk with us about what lead to the decision to release Trespass on YouTube as well as in theaters, experiences in the film industry and his cast-driven films, which you can see with our YouTube Movie Extras. As Joel says, “I know certain people in my industry are furious about … their films being shown in anyway than they were supposed to be meant to be seen [in theaters]. However, there’s no stopping technology.”

Trespass joins other YouTube Movies like Kevin Smith’s Red State that had a pre-theatrical release on YouTube, one of the many ways we want to help you get more into movies.