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Tonight: The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate!

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

Tonight is the night of the much-anticipated CNN/YouTube Republican Debate. At 8 PM ET, live on CNN, the eight Republican candidates on our You Choose '08 platform will stand on a stage at the Mahaffey Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida, peer up at an enormous video screen hanging from the ceiling, and watch video questions that you've submitted right here on YouTube.

Take a quick peek at what the debate set looks like:

You submitted almost 5,000 questions for the candidates (um, 4,927 to be exact), which is almost 2,000 more than for our first CNN/YouTube debate with the Democratic candidates. Make sure to tune in tonight to see how the candidates handle your questions, and then log on to YouTube and go to our You Choose '08 platform to let the candidates know how you think they did.

Tell your friends and enjoy the show!