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Thundermist Lures is your October partner On The Rise!

By Christine Wang and Devon Storbeck

YouTube Partner Support

Congratulations to the team over at Thundermist Lures, our featured “On The Rise” partner for this month. Their channel and several of their videos are in the spotlight on the On The Rise homepage and the YouTube home channel today.

Thundermist Lure Company’s team of professional anglers - Claudio, Ivo, and Phil - have been fishing for over 40 years. Their combined wealth of knowledge makes them expert guides when it comes to fishing tackle and methods, not to mention fishing for different types of fish and in different types of water! Whether you’re new to the sport or you’re out there winning tournaments every weekend, the team’s weekly videos are bound to entertain and educate. So why not check out a few of their videos? You can see how they reel ‘em in with the Viper Spoon or learn some secrets and tips about catching catfish. Of course, you may want to start with figuring out the best fishing rod for your next catch before you hit the open water!

Here are a few words from Ivo, the host of “Thundermist Fishing Tips:”

"We love sharing knowledge and different fishing tips/techniques with you on a regular basis. Spending quality time with family and friends on the water fishing is one of our favorite pastimes and we've been doing just that on YouTube since 2007. We are finding that more and more people are writing in with questions, as they want to spend more time enjoying our great outdoors and the sport of fishing. Thanks to all your positive feedback and support over the years, our YouTube channel continues to grow. [Being featured as YouTube’s On The Rise partner] is an honor that we would like to jointly share with you as we equally deserve such recognition. Thank you and as always, until next time, good luck and good fishing." 

If you’ve enjoyed this monthly blog series and are interested in learning more or participating, we encourage you to visit our On The Rise homepage. You can check out all of our past featured partners on the Featured Partners tab, or nominate a YouTube partner to be considered for the program on the Nominate tab. Feel free to submit nominations for your own channel, or for channels you follow that you think deserve more attention or could be the next YouTube sensation. We’ll continue to feature promising partners who drive YouTube watch time, have fewer than 100,000 subscribers, and produce engaging content on a regular basis.