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The YouTube Space London: Our New Home in Kings Cross

By Marc Joynes

Manager of The YouTube Space London

For the past four years, YouTube Space London has been home to an incredible community of creators. Over 26,000 of you have passed through our doors, many on multiple occasions.

At the YouTube Space, you’ve experimented with new technology, collaborated with other creators, gone large with big production backdrops, and blown our minds with your creativity, tenacity and talent. We’ve watched travel lovers turn filmmakers and vloggers turn UN ambassadors and witnessed you use all the Space has to offer to realise your big, creative ambitions. And boy, do you have big ambitions!

Over the years we’ve hosted you, it’s become clear that YouTube creators are shaping the world. You’ve invented entirely new genres (vlogging, anyone?), connected corners of the world through shared passions and pastimes (Let’s Play, people!) and built up billions of subscribers for your channels. Many of you have built and run fully fledged media companies.

It’s no wonder then that it’s time for us to graduate to a bigger, better and more accessible facility to help you continue to experiment and create. A stone’s throw from King’s Cross’ international transport hub, the new London Space is a stunning 20,000 square foot facility with street-level access, cutting-edge production equipment, and three fully equipped studios and sound stages. We’ll continue to run training programs that are open to creators at the start of their YouTube journey, while creators with over 10,000 subscribers can book in to use our studio Spaces for free. So whether you’re mastering the basics or keen to try out the latest VR technology - from filming in 360 to live streaming in 4K (!) - we’re here to support you.

So whether you’re giving your philosophy degree away for free, like Philosophy Tube, or keen to create a Christmas horror special, like TomSka, the new London Space will keep you at the cutting edge of of creativity and provide a space for you to learn, connect and create with an incredible and growing community of YouTube creators. See you in Kings Cross!