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The YouTube Creator Academy goes global

By Wendy Leicht

Instructional Designer

Whether you’re starting from scratch on YouTube, or you’re looking to take an existing channel even further, the ever-growing YouTube Creator Academy is full of ways to polish your YouTube channel and build your audience. And now, we’re offering lessons in more than 20 languages:
Arabic Chinese Dutch English French German Greek Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Vietnamese 

At the Creator Academy, you’ll find tips and lessons on topics like making great thumbnails and building your online community, as well as deep dives on music, gaming and family entertainment. Whether you learn by listening, watching or interacting with other creators, we’ve got it all for you at the YouTube Creator Academy.

If you’re new to the YouTube Creator Academy, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we get the scoop from other creators on how they get ahead; new videos are posted every Tuesday. You can also connect with fellow Creator Academy participants in our Creator Academy Google+ community.

We also hold regular events to help you grow your channel. We’re accepting signups now for our next one, Grow Your Audience Boot Camp, on October 20-31, 2014. Click on your language to register for the Polish, Russian, German, or French version of the course. Boot camps in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic are coming soon!