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The NFL is now on YouTube and Google Search

By Tim Katz

Director, Head of Sports + News Partnerships

Every year you’ve searched for “NFL” on Google Search and YouTube more and more, and now, we can scream like the loudest, body-painted fan: GAME ON!

It’s pretty simple: On any screen you watch YouTube, NFL’s YouTube channel will bring you the sights and sounds this week in Arizona, from pre-game analysis to the highlights that everyone will be talking about. After the Super Bowl, don’t let the worst Monday of the year get you down. NFL’s YouTube channel will post more videos all through the offseason.

And when the 2015-2016 season kicks off, you can get right back to watching more “no way he caught that” plays from Odell Beckham Jr., more “no way he completed that” throws from Aaron Rodgers, and analysts telling you which players on the Patriots can boost your fantasy football score. And you can find it all instantly, just with a simple Google search for any team.

YouTube and Google Search

We’re thrilled to hit the gridiron with you for Pats-Seahawks, and for all the excitement in the season to come. Enjoy the game on Sunday.